A controlled atmosphere ca cold store

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Controlled Atomosphere Systems

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The same results can be expected as with CA stores if the storage conditions are kept optimum. One of the major problems, however, is to maintain a gas-tight seal in a structure with. Supplier of Controlled Atomosphere Systems, CA Control System, Ethylene Scrubber, CO2 Scrubber, Breather Bags, Single Room CA Control System and Gas Analyzer, Multi Room CA Control System and Gas Analyzer, Chemtron Science Laboratories Private Limited, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Introduction to Controlled Atmosphere It is not feasible to store vegetables, fruits and grains in normal atmospheric conditions. This is a cold atmosphere has to be maintained with almost high moisture content (>90%) where the life is extended for considerable periods.

Initially fruit will be kept in CA Chamber and desired controlled. A leading provider of Controlled Atmosphere, Cold Storage facilities and CA Technology offering bespoke solutions for the fresh produce & food production.

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Controlled Atmosphere CA Stores Vegetables and fruit respire; they take in oxygen (O2) and give off carbon dioxide (CO2). The storage of fruit and vegetables in a gas-tight environment allows the oxygen level in the air to be lowered and the level of CO2 to increase.

Cold Storage. Bream & Bear Storage Bear Mountain is committed to delivering a quality apple that is crunchy and full of flavor. Treating the apples with *MCP and storing them in a *controlled atmosphere (CA) storage helps guarantee freshness and can allow apple season to be extended into late spring.

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