Writing a budget justification page

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Feb 09,  · NIH uses a modular budget format to request up to a total of $, of direct costs per year (in modules of $25, excluding consortium F&A costs) for some applications, rather than requiring a full detailed budget. I’ve seen so many examples of these words used incorrectly, even in published books, that I decided to compile a page of pairs and groups of words that are often confused.

If you spend time seeking management or customer approvals for your projects, you know how messy and drawn out the process can be, as the decision makers request clarification on things like project deliverables, risks, resources, and financial payback.

Below are 3 documents designed to assist in the development of budget narratives: 1. a set of instructions and definitions for budgeting.

2. a budget narrative template for use with proposals to federal sponsors. Please consult with SRS about appropriate budget narratives for non-federal sponsors. 3. The Budget Section: Budget & Budget Justification The budget is a line item (tabular) representation of the expenses associated with the proposal project.

The Budget Justification contains more in depth detail of the costs behind the line items, and sometimes explains the use of the funds where not evident.

NIH Grant Applications The Anatomy of a Specific Aims Page. Release Date: Aprit 09, Category: Scientific Grant Writing Author: Michelle S., Ph.D., E.L.S. The Specific Aims section is the most vital part of any NIH grant application.

Writing a budget justification page
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